Came to Dr. Joe with terrible foot and knee pain when his office opened in December. I am 4 treatments in with a new tissue therapy treatment called TRT. I have with 3 more treatment sessions to go. The actual treatment has been getting more intense… a little painful. The wand shoots light and energy waves into the affected area and helps stimulate new stem cell growth. After 3 weeks, I can happily say that I have gone to sleep without any pain for the last 3 nights. I am very active and have lived with uncomfortable pain for the last couple years. I had to write this review to get the word out for others experiencing similar pain. You might want to try this therapy to find relief!

Thanks team FreezePlay.

Andrea M.

ESWT is a tissue regenerative therapy that produces sound waves with a very specific wave form. Here at Freeze Play Chiropractic & Cryotherapy, we use OrthoGold Stem Cell Machine which is an advanced and effective non-invasive way to fix chronic pain, degenerative conditions, and musculoskeletal conditions. This device utilizes the benefits of ESWT which penetrates deep into the tissue and to the site if injury. This biologic signaling effect of shockwaves is much superior and effective compared to radial pressure and ultrasound.

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With our ESWT, you will see the quick service fights inflammation and helps to eliminate pain and tenderness, especially for those who experience chronic pain. This therapy increases your blood flow through a safe and effective treatment to stimulate the repair and regeneration of your muscles which can help increase mobility.

When you’re ready to get started with our quality TRT therapy Estero, FL residents can trust, look no further than Freeze Play Chiropractic & Cryotherapy. Book an appointment online now or contact us today! We look forward to working with you.

Where ESWT Can Be Used:

  • Shoulder injuries (e.g. rotator cuff)
  • Golfer’s and tennis elbow (epicondylitis)
  • Chronic heel pain (plantar fasciitis)
  • Jumper’s knee (patella tip syndrome)
  • Tendon and ligament injuries
  • Muscle pain


ESWT only takes 5-10 minutes. To ensure good shockwave transmission, the treatment area will be covered with gel. The therapy head will be attached to the target area. The number of pulses used will be determined by the therapist and the energy used will depend on the your comfort level.

ESWT’s Success Rate

80% of patients experience improvement after only one treatment. Sessions range between 3-5 times depending on the patient’s condition. Healing rate is 65-85%.

Professional TRT Therapy

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