Dry Float (Hydrotherapy) Therapy in Estero & Naples

What Is Dry Float Therapy?
A dry floatation session allows you to enjoy the mental relaxation benefits of a traditional float tank without getting wet. You will be lying on a warm, water-filled membrane that lowers into a bed, whereas traditional float therapy uses baths filled with water and tons of epsom salt to keep you afloat. In addition, dry flotation is different from traditional float therapy in that the focus is also on relaxation of the muscles & the joints as well as the mind. It imparts a feeling of weightlessness and deep relaxation.

Health Benefits of Floating

Flotation Therapy (also known as Sensory Deprivation Therapy), has many proven health benefits to both the mind and body. During the 30 minute floatation period you will eliminate external input to your senses, which allows your mind the same experience as deep meditation. At the same time, the absence of points of contact on your body has a beneficial effect on the muscular system, circulation and joints.

Benefits Experienced by Users:

  • Regenerates the body
  • Regenerates the mind
  • Reduces stress levels
  • Relieves anxiety
  • Improves mood
  • Helps with sleep quality
  • Aids in muscle recovery